About the Author

Technical: In my day job, I'm a self-employed software developer. I've been on the Internet since around 1991-1992, meaning I can still vaguely recall the ancient days of Gopher and Mosaic. For those of you too young to recall the early days of the internet age, Mosaic was the very first web browser, before Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any of the others came about. And Gopher was an ancient search engine in the early days before the web. Since 1996, I've been working as a software developer, beginning with Visual Basic 3, though one might say my first programming experience was with Microsoft Access 2.0, self-taught from the wonderful book Access 2.0 for Dummies. Since the VB3 days, I've progressed through various versions of Visual Basic right up to the .NET era, as well as branched into ASP and ASP.NET.

Writing: Writing is something I truly enjoy doing, but I tend to be one of those authors who writes when the inspiration hits them, so my output is often sporadic. The most consistent of my writing ventures is the yearly family Christmas card, for which I always write a poem under the insistence and prodding of the family. I'm planning to spend more time writing as my work life allows, and hope to expand the content here as my dedicated writing time grows.