by Jonathan Broadus

Why would a King be born in a stable?
Why would his first bed be feed trough hay?
Why would mere shepherds be told by angels
How to find the place where the baby King lay?

Why would wise men follow a star for months
As it led them far from home to a tiny town?
Why would God choose to be born in the form of man?
Why would the King seek a cross and not a crown?

Why choose a disciple He knew would betray Him?
Why forgive a friend who had denied even knowing Him?
Why accept a death that did not belong to Him?
Why offer life to those who sinned against Him?

Love was the reason, love beyond understanding.
Loved in spite of ourselves; love beyond what men deserved.
Love that sacrificed itself for those that rejected it;
God's love offered a pardon we could never have earned.

One small child born in a small conquered land,
Both helpless and mighty, both God and man,
He was the ultimate gift that God's love could give.
He was born, died, and rose again that we might live.