My Hobbies

Computer Hobbies: I'd have to say my foremost hobby is the Internet. Between my job and my personal time, I spend copious numbers of hours online, handling email, visiting websites, and talking with far-flung friends. I'm quite fond of computer gaming as well, both locally and online.
Current favorites for online play:

  • Call of Duty: United Offensive
  • Day of Defeat 1.6
  • Enemy Territory

Other Hobbies: Reading is rather the obvious vice of authors, but also a good way of feeding the imagination. I also enjoy collecting various things. One of my current favorites is Last Starfighter memorabilia. I've probably got one of the best collections I know of items that can be afforded on my income. ;) You learn all sorts of things you didn't know once you start collecting. For instance, there were 3 board games based on the Last Starfighter put out by FASA. I went through a batch of collecting Notgeld (, but I've tapered off that at least till I can organize my collection and be sure I'm not acquiring any duplicates. I'm also an admitted math and science geek. I highly recommend the TV show Numb3rs (one of the few shows I watch) and the website Answers in Genesis.